I’ve been painting and printmaking at 1890 Bryant Street Studios in the Mission district of San Francisco for over 4 years, time flies!

I’m currently working on a couple of projects, developing a series of mixed media works on birch panels. One direction of the paintings is graphic and shaped based called “Hoops and Portals”. These works also have been carved into as well. The other concept is based on implied topography and symbolic signage. The motifs are grounded in and contain the elements of: land, sea, water and sky.

My other more sculptural pieces are a series of  works on plexiglas and are word based. They can be seen on the plexiglas page.


6 Responses to “Paintings”

  1. Richard Says:

    good monring, I’m interested in mixed media on incised birch panel, Pompaii, Echo Lake, Carnival, Black balance and Blue pacific

    • randytitchenal Says:

      Good morning Richard,
      I still have all those paintings, thanks for your interest!
      If you are in the SF bay area and what to take a look in person please let me know and we can set up an appointment to have you visit the studio. If you have any questions feel free to call 510-3333-9748 or email me at

  2. martha Says:

    Randy –

    Nice work! I’m glad I checked your site. I love the alcatraz paintings.


  3. Jennifer Titchenal Says:

    Hi Randy,
    Im Jennifer Titchenal an artist and Im happy to of found your site!

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